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Our Genuine Custom Bullet Proof Steering Linkage replaces the old antiquated Tie Rod assemblies for long lasting, accurate performance in the roughest of conditions. Note the low profile geometry (above) of the '67 "Black Thunder" Bronco with 4" of lift. The reduced angles on the Ford 1/2-ton design creates a much more favorable steering geometry without the use of additional drop bracketry. This (left) shows the new location for the drag link making is longer and reducing the angle, resulting in even more accurate and responsive steering.

A closer look reveals the means of replacing the comparatively weaker OEM tapered tie rod. By simply drilling out the hole in the steering knuckle to the same diameter as the largest opening of the OEM taper (usually 5/8 to 3/4"), strength of the knuckle is not significantly changed. Special "cut-to- length"Grade-9 F911® bolts (used in the Aerospace Industry)  with slip fitting shoulders, slide thru the knuckle & rod end "sandwich", clamping them together firmly. Bolt strength is at 190,000psi tensile strength. Rodends can also be mounted both on top for additional ground clearance.

Along with securing the bolt to the nut with Loc-Tite #271 (red), safety wiring the assembly is the securest way to insure reliable operation in the most punishing predicaments. However Castle style nut is also included and can be used with a cotter pin just like the original equipment was. The shown procedure has proven itself to be the most secure & reliable method of keeping everything nice and tight. Even so, we've never seen one of these loosen up regardless, since the rated torque that can be applied to the bolt is 530 ft/lbs!

Note the healthy clearance travel at the rod end & bolt head at the drag link on the steering box. Special shim-bushings are included to increase the ball travel by over 180% for extreme applications (42) and up to 30" of suspension travel at the end of a 41" long drag link. Adjustments for toe in & the adjustable drag link are made at the rod end by loosening the nut & turning it. Using Right & Left threaded ends enables quick and easy adjustments in minutes without the removal of any components.

The key feature of our Bullet Proof Steering System is at the Rod End. Our Spherical Rods Ends (occasionally incorrectly nicknamed as "Heim" joints) are specially produced just for our application and are made from the highest quality materials (of course) and most exacting tolerances. The Teflon/Carbon-Fiber matrix  lined 3 piece bearing surface is self lubricating and self sealing and the super tight tolerances resist any debris from getting in, therefore no grease is required or additional or external seals are needed! In our tests, these Rod Ends stay tighter up to 20 times longer than many other rod ends being produced, and none come close to the tightness and longevity as these. The increased strength of our Rod Ends are obvious compared to the "others" shown. Strength is derived from a Rockwell 58 heat treated 52100 steel alloy, with a hardened chrome ball. This results in a "no maintenance", super reliable and solid-feeling steering system. We have over 13 years of R&D in this component alone!

We're always upgrading our Systems at every chance, & have acquired the best in state-of-the-art  hardware. The 3/4" Grade-9 F911® 190,000 psi Bolts produced used in the Aerospace Industry, are stated as the strongest in it's class! The 8640 alloy has 56% more Chromium & 100% more Nickel than other Grade-9 's. Bolt heads are 30% thicker, making it flexible& strong


The very special Rod Ends used for our steering systems is the result of over 10 years of grueling research in the quest for a no maintenance, tight fitting and long lasting piece, while being easy to turn, and affordable. We've done it! ...And it's the key in the outstanding performance of our Bullet Proof Steering systems. We use them on all of our race trucks, and they provide that sought after 'new car feel' in the steering wheel!

We are continually updating and improving our Bullet Proof Steering Systems, such as this patented one piece high strength Retainer Shim which allows maximum articulation of our Bullet Proof Rod Ends and as well as retaining the rod end in the rare event of a catostrophic rod end failure, preventing it from being disconnected from the vehicle. All hardware is bright polished zinc plated for longevity and a chrome like appearance.

These components are intended for off highway applications only


Here's a stock OEM Tie Rod end at the point of failure. The deformed & spread open rubber seal lip is the only thing keeping the stud from falling out completely, thereby causing a total loss of all steering control. The OEM equipment is over shadowed in strength and durability by our Bullet Proof Systems.